Surrender Monkeys Urge Surrender

It reads like a vicious American parody, but this is an actual editorial published by Le Monde in response to the recent invader riots that have literally set France on fire.

Urban riots: the need for appeasement
Le Monde

While it is necessary to question the roots of the violence in France following the death of young Nahel M., the seriousness of the situation requires us all to call for calm. This is first and foremost in the interests of the inhabitants of neighborhoods considered difficult, with whom we must show solidarity.

Yes, because appeasement is famous for having worked out so well for the appeasers. At this point, no Frenchman or Frenchwoman can possibly continue to imagine that the French elite, or the liberal democracy which purports to uphold, is even remotely conducive to the long-term survival of the French nation.

Where is La Résistance when it’s even more desperately needed than it was before? And why does anyone bow before an elite so aptly derided as “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”.