The War on Vermin

It’s not a civil war. It’s a war between the French people who want France to survive and the invaders who have entered the gates with the connivance of multiple treasonous French governments. Fortunately, and unlike during the Yellow Vest protests, the police appear to be on the side of the people so far, as they have declared themselves to be “at war” with “savage hordes of vermin”.

French police said they were “at war” with “savage hordes of vermin” on Friday night as France was rocked by violent waves of riots and looting and about 1,000 more people were arrested.

Two of the country’s top police unions threatened a revolt unless Emmanuel Macron’s government restored order after protests broke out over an officer’s shooting of a teenager outside Paris.

“Today the police are in combat because we are at war. Tomorrow we will enter resistance and the government should be aware of this,” they said.

As crazy as it might sound, given the current probability space, a right-wing police coup may be the best scenario that the people of France could hope and pray for. If there is one thing that recent events have made clear, it is that democracy has absolutely and utterly failed the nations that embraced it. We can only hope that it will remain dead for another 2,000 years before another set of naive and romantic fools revive it and decided that it can be controlled.

The real question is what the police will do when the people of France take arms against their invaders. Will they support them and defend them or will they turn against them again in service to the globalist agenda of their political masters? Recent history suggests the latter, but these are interesting and unpredictable times.

Democracy is every bit as bad as the ancients warned. Think about this: the disasters we are witnessing across the Old World and the New are the result of a limited, moderate, and representative form of the system. It’s so awful that even the most staunch and avowed democrat isn’t willing to endorse true, direct, and unlimited democracy.