On to Plan D

NATO may not be content with fighting to the last Ukrainian. They may be willing to fight to the last Pole:

“The Belarusian and Russian general staffs have precise information that Poland has drawn up an operational plan for the conduct of the war. It provides, according to various scenarios, the occupation of the Kaliningrad region and the Republic of Belarus. They plan to do this after deploying their group of 500,000 men,” noted I. Korochenko.

If this materializes then the Russian Army will have to launch its big offensive and start by cutting Ukraine in two, and in fact blocking all NATO-Ukrainian supply lines on the #Zaporozhye front. In the process, Odesa will be annexed. Ideally, if this scenario really takes shape then the Russian Army should logically settle on the Ukrainian-Polish border side with the support of Belarusian military troops supported by the Russian air force

In light of such rumors, the decision to deploy Wagner to Belarus begins to look increasingly strategic.

The fact is, the deep state masterminds who sit atop the pyramid I referenced earlier are most definitely designing a ‘long term package’ for Russia, which will include the contingencies of tying off one conflict into the next as part of the RAND-style strategy of unrelenting pressure like a boot on the neck, to stifle Russia’s potential growth. They will take the current Ukraine conflict to its limits and when Ukraine is wrung out like a used washcloth they will initiate the provocations from the countries which are planned to be the next vectors of war against Russia.

Of course, it’s not certain it will come to that. I believe there’s still good chance Russia will defuse these plans, but make no mistakes about the fact that these plans are being engineered every day, piece by piece. Kaliningrad in particular is a pressure point which can be thumbed at any time into forcing Russia to react whichever way the ‘designers’ want. But that doesn’t mean Russia will sit idle. For now, these moves remain as distant threats to pressure Russia into relaxing its maximalist goals, as if to say: “Give up now or this is what you’ll face down the line.”

Sooner or later, the subjects of Clown World are going to turn on the clowns ruling over them. The problem is that the ringmasters are very good at taking advantage of people by promising them what they desire. And the fact that their promises never work out well for those foolish enough to throw in with them doesn’t seem to dissuade the next group of suckers from stepping up and placing their bets.