Of All the Boomers Who Ever Boomed

These may have been the boomerest. From SocialGalactic:

Late 80s high school friend attended a state retreat for gifted kids. They chose a theme song at the end, Alphaville’s “Forever Young”.

The Boomers in charge overrode with “Imagine”.

I don’t know that anything summarizes the awfulness of the Wicked Generation better or more succinctly than that. It’s all right there, the generational solipsism, the entitlement, the inexplicable abuse of power, the Beatles, and most of all, the total lack of regard for their children and grandchildren.

It’s not just that the Boomers abused their power and privilege, as they observably did, but the weird and foolish ways they chose to do so.

It’s ironic from a musical perspective too, because Forever Young is a much better and much more epic song than Imagine. Based on the streaming statistics, the younger generations would even appear to agree.