Reddit vs Reddit Moderators

The moderators of Reddit belatedly come to understand that the Reddit administration is dishonest and its intentions are wicked.

Hello, r/antiwork! As you’re probably aware, r/antiwork has been set to private until recently in solidarity with the sitewide protest against Reddit’s attempt to kill third-party apps. At the start of the protest, we received assurance from Reddit administration that mods have a right to protest and to set their subs private. Today, we received a message from Reddit that our mod team will be replaced if we do not open up the subreddit immediately.

The important takeaway here is Reddit does not care about this community and Reddit does not care about you. They see you as nothing more than a statistic to monetize. They do not care about the quality of this community. They do not care about the desires of the community or the mod team. We set the subreddit private to protect the community from the changes Reddit intends to force through, and Reddit is forcing the subreddit open because a worse user experience for you is more profitable for them.

Going forward, the mod team is going to lose some very important tools that we’ve relied on to keep you safe from spammers and scammers. This means we’re going to have to reassess our rules and procedures in order to serve you more effectively. The mod team will keep you updated on any developments. We thank you for your understanding.

Reddit has always been a venomous swamp. But remarkably, the venomous creatures that inhabit it have turned out to be less malevolent and disgusting than the swamp itself.