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Not The Bee picks up on the coming BLACK WARRANT from The Legend, who most certainly is based. Although, to be precise, he did not create the Punisher, he was merely the lead writer on the comic for a while.

Marvel is a woke company now. They have to celebrate lawlessness in the name of equity, and people being inspired by a vigilante fighting the criminals that corrupt judges and officials turn back out onto the streets was unacceptable.

First they tried to discredit the Punisher by making him a villain. They added devil horns to his logo and made him the leader of a clan of assassins called The Hand (the same clan of assassins he has battled for years in the comics and on the small screen).

But that wasn’t enough.

Frank Castle and all that he represented had to be destroyed.

In an interview, Chuck Dixon, the creator of the Punisher, was asked this question:

If it’s true that Marvel really did change the Punisher symbol because they don’t like the kind of people who like it (ie police and military), then it begs the question, why do the people at Marvel hate their fans so much? Why would anyone at Marvel hire people that hate the fans? Hating and trying to annoy the fans of your characters seems like a terrible business strategy

Dixon gives a lengthy response in the following video, but it can be summed in this part of the response:

They certainly don’t seek the kind of readers who would like the Punisher now. In addition to their contempt for the Punisher, I think this current crop of editors has a deep-seated dislike of the police and the military as well. So, it’s the old gang of deplorables thing.

Yes, that’s right. The creator of the Punisher is based.

And if you’re interested, Dixon is currently publishing stories over at Arkhaven Comics, including a new vigilante series called “Black Warrant,” which given his comments about the Punisher promises much less wokeness than anything Marvel is pumping out.