Syrian Refugee Stabbings

Sink the Damn Ships, Edition 10,593: In which we learn the Swedish dirt is not magic either.

Syrian refugee stabs a child in their pram in front of screaming mother as four kids aged 22 months to three – including British girl – are knifed while holidaying at French resort before cops shoot and arrest him. Four children aged between 22 months and three – including a British girl – and two adults were seriously injured in the attack. Two of the young victims and one of the adults are now in a life-threatening condition at a nearby hospital.

Witnesses said the knifeman, who a local prosecutor said did not appear to have ‘terrorist motives’, had begun attacking the preschool children while they were playing at a small playground in a scene of utter ‘carnage’. They said he had launched his onslaught on the toddlers because they were ‘easy targets’.

Witnesses said they heard the man, who was rejected for asylum in France four days before the attack, shouting before he began attacking the small children in the playground with a blade around four inches long. One of the injured children was in a stroller. Abdalmash H, who was recently divorced, had previously lived for 10 years in Sweden where he was granted refugee status in April, security sources and his ex-wife said.

‘He called me around four months ago. He was living in a church,’ his ex-wife said on condition of anonymity, saying he had left Sweden because he had been unable to get Swedish nationality.

He had applied for asylum in France but was rejected four days before launching his barbaric attack due to him already having refugee status in Sweden.

The media is frantically pointing to claims that the Syrian refugee was “a Christian” in a futile attempt to play the Not All Muslims card. But his purported religion is irrelevant, the salient point is that he wasn’t French and he wasn’t European. He was a “refugee”, and the fact that he’d been taking “refuge” in Europe for more than a decade should suffice to prove that there is no amount of “integration” that is possible across cultures.

Remember, the Jews who ended the Emergency Quota Act of 1921 and the Visigoths who sacked Rome in 411 AD were refugees too.