Four Generations of Demoralization

The demonic degradation and demoralization of the USA appears to have reached a nadir with the Zoomers.

Gen X is a bit harder to figure out, they mainly seem to just try to “go away” and live their lives as if no one else exists. The most generational expression I get out of them seems to revolve around boomer tier “our childhood was rough and tumble” yet they remember it fondly.

They’ll always remind you that they were “latchkey kids” and that their childhoods were filled with rampant divorce etc, yet they say it with pride. They reflect on their childhoods as hard (like boomers) but with reverence (like millennials)

But I think the singular thing that comes from all of this, is that the last 4 generations are very preoccupied with bracing themselves in various ways, like sailors on a ship in a storm. Protecting themselves from the “hurt” of addressing our present circumstances.

There isn’t a fundamental aspect of the zeitgeist of any of them that is focused on actually fixing any of it though. All of us are preserving what we have or battening down the hatches to weather the storm we’re in, which looks to get worse. But at the macro level generational zeitgeist, no one is planning a mutiny in order to steer the ship around the storm, or to turn around and head back to less choppy waters. As a civilization none of our generations have any widespread will to power.

Gen X isn’t that hard to figure out when seen in the proper perspective. We enjoyed our childhoods, for the most part, but because we’d never known anything different, it wasn’t until we became parents ourselves that we realized how insane they were and how little our parents were interested in us and our children compared to a) our grandparents interest in us and b) our own interest in our children.

Furthermore, unlike the two following generations, we know all too well what has been lost. We had the very good fortune to grow up in a mostly homogenous European civilization of the sort that no longer exists even in Europe anymore. That’s what we miss much more than our youth.

My expectation is that a Gen X leader with Zoomer followers is most likely Western civilization’s best hope for a pathway out of this nightmare. And as the madness of Clown World rises and becomes more and more obvious to the average individual of every generation, the likelihood of various potential candidates rising to the historical occasion increases.