The Importance of UATV

I don’t talk much about Unauthorized here. I’m much more focused on Castalia and Arktoons, as I’m just not a video guy whereas at this point, I am pretty much a world-class expert on the art of publishing books in various forms and formats. We’re literally working on doing things that no one else has even imaginedon that front.

However, as Disney and the other streaming services circle the drain prior to the beginning of what will eventually be an intense period of mergers and acquisitions that result in the reduction of all of the various services to a Big Three, the fact that UATV is presently featuring 27 channels with more than 5180 videos from creators who have been banned everywhere from Amazon to YouTube is worth mentioning.

Especially because with full access to all content being provided for as little as $5 per month, UATV arguably provides the biggest bang for one’s entertainment buck. Sure, not everyone is interested in listening to me rambling very slowly about the significance of Marshal Zhukov’s memoirs to the current situation in Bakhmut or sitting through three hours of Big Bear ranting about the paucity of evidence for the Moon landings.

But that’s why there is the epic poet of vulgarity, Razorfist, whose epic SILENCE, COMMUNIST dissection of the history of the Disney corporation alone is worth the price of admission. And throw in The Legend Chuck Dixon discussing the art of comics, Professor Rachel Fulton-Brown’s scholarly explication of Tolkien, and more than 20 other channels, and it’s quickly evident that there is more content here than anyone can reasonably watch in a day.

Or a week, for that matter.

UATV is doing fine. This is not a passive-aggressive televangelist-style plea where only your donation can stave off disaster. The devs are gradually adding features while keeping the system running smoothly despite systematically surmounting more challenges than you know about. But with more subscribers, we can start creating more original content and building stronger infrastructure. So if you’re not subscribing to UATV yet, I hope you will consider doing so. Because it does make a difference.