Kickstarter Bans “The Wise At Heart”

Fox News covers the banning of the crowdfunding campaign for the illustrated novel by Kickstarter because it was “defying transgenderism”.

Kickstarter abruptly canceled a project that focused on a fictionalized depiction of a biology teacher challenging a law that forbids him to question gender affirmation. According to the project’s author Hans G. Schantz, the illustrated novel “The Wise of Heart” was previously reviewed and approved by Kickstarter and already passed its original $3,000 goal. Schantz then expanded the goal to $6,000 ahead of the deadline on May 31 only for Kickstarter to then remove the project, claiming that it had violated the community rules.

“A thorough review of your project uncovered one or more of the following violations: Inappropriate content, including but not limited to explicit or pornographic material [or] Hateful or offensive content that fails to meet Kickstarter’s spirit of inclusivity by promoting discrimination, bigotry or intolerance towards marginalized groups.” Kickstarter Trust and Safety said in a note to Schantz.

According to Kickstarter Trust and Safety, the company cannot comment on the suspension “beyond what is stated in this message.” The project can no longer resume funding, and backers were no longer charged for their pledges.

Kickstarter has had a history of suspending or rejecting projects that appear to counter a progressive ideology. In 2015, the company rejected a crime movie project surrounding controversial abortionist Kermit Gosnell, claiming it violated community guidelines. In 2022, the platform pulled Mike Barron’s “The Private American” comic after accusations that it promoted “racist propaganda.”

Kickstarter did not immediately respond for a comment.

Kickstarter abruptly suspends comic project for ‘defying transgenderism’, 25

The ride, as previously noted, never ends. However, while it’s good to see Fox News paying attention to the latest SJW offenses in the cultural war, it would be much more useful if they would provide a link to either the illustrated novel’s site or to the replacement crowdfunding page.