Faker and Gayer Than Ever

It appears that Reddit is seeking investment or something, as its admins have been caught faking content in an attempt to juice numbers.

Recently Reddit admins have been caught using bots or fake accounts to artificially populate newly created German subreddits. It appears that the goal is to populate new subreddits to establish German versions of popular subreddits such as Explainlikeimfive, Crazyideas, Offmychest, Tooafraidtoask, and Tipofmytongue. However, the translations are nonsensical and read as if they were done by someone who used Google Translate.

There were several threads found that were stolen from English subreddits, simply poorly translated and then republished there by accounts less than 14 days old. Pretty much all the content these subs currently have and always the same 9 users who also constantly answer each other themselves.

This revelation has sparked heated discussions and amusement on r/de. Users have been sharing their thoughts and reactions to this discovery. Some find it funny, but the majority find the situation embarrassing and react with disappointment and frustration that Reddit administrators are resorting to such tactics to artificially inflate the popularity of these new German subreddits.

This is why it makes absolutely no sense to inflate or exaggerate your Internet traffic. I haven’t paid any attention to it since Google kicked me off Blogger and it became impossible to do a historical apples-to-apples comparison. I have absolutely no idea how many people visit anything but Arktoons on a daily basis, and even there, I’m more interested in tracking our number of total episodes than anything else.

Especially in a world where AI bots make up the majority of traffic on most sites, paying subscribers, customers, and clients are the only numbers that matter. Which, of course, is why absolutely no one ever discusses or reveals them, unless forced to do so in some highly polished manner by Wall Street.