Redefinitions and Rhetoric

Just like an “antisemite” is anyone the ADL doesn’t like, “hate speech” is any speech that the clowns of Clown World hate.

Facebook’s demonstrated hatred for Christianity wasn’t an accident either. The action was confirmed and exacerbated by a Facebook moderator.

Hallowell posted the comment on Facebook around April 2.

He posted his Christian message around Easter time, making the statement more pertinent.

But the post quickly got flagged for allegedly violating the community hate speech policy.

He then received a warning that it could be “reviewed.”

At that point, the punishment that Facebook’s censoring machine thought fit the “crime” was to make the post invisible to anyone but the author.

After the post was reviewed by a Facebook moderator, the crackdown became more severe.

The post was deleted altogether after an “appeal.”

“Your appeal was reviewed,” claimed Facebook.

“We are unable to show content that goes against our community standards on hate speech.”

Actions like these serve to clearly demonstrate the historical fact that “free speech” and “freedom of religion” were always evil lies that were designed from the very beginning to permit Clown World to plant its roots throughout Christendom and undermine Christian society. The Enlightenment was an intrinsically satanic movement from its inception to its fruition, and the answer is to ruthlessly and relentlessly reject both its tenets and its adherents in the name of Jesus Christ.

Never forget that evil always redefines words in order to confuse you, and that there is no inherent informational content in rhetoric.