Gen X Answers Gen Z

This Gen X woman’s response to an innocent question is both hilarious and absolutely 100-percent true.

So when y’all are saying that y’all used to drink from the hose… were sinks not an option?

For fuck’s sake. Whose gonna tell him? You want me to tell him? I’ll tell him.

We weren’t allowed in the house!

I don’t know why that’s so hard for people to understand. Our childhood was like one never-ending episode of that TV show, Survivor, okay? We are indestructible. We never sat in car seats, nobody’s ever given us swimming lessons, we’ve all either been shot with a BB gun or stabbed with a fucking jart. The television stations had to make a commercial reminding our parents that they had kids!

I shit you not! Every night, on the 10 PM news, a voice would come on and say: “It’s 10 PM, do you know where your children are?” To remind our parents that they had fucking kids.

So, no, Sir Shirtless with the beanie. Sinks were not an option.

UPDATE: To be fair, being dropped off at 7 AM to go skiing all day with the Otto Hollaus Ski School or being left at the neighborhood ice rink with nothing but an unheated “warming hut” after lunch to play hockey until dark were some of my favorite childhood experiences.