Indoor Plumbing is White Supremacy

Most people thought I was exaggerating when I said that even indoor plumbing would be lost if the war for the West was won by the globalists. Now they are beginning to understand that I meant it quite literally and without exaggeration.

So, I hate writing this but it’s getting out of hand. Just spoke to some family members in Southern Ontario and went to visit them, and there are literally people POOPING on all the beaches along Lake Erie. These are small towns and most of them don’t have bathrooms on the beaches, so instead of driving to a local Tim Horton’s (or planning their bowel movements to NOT be in public on a beach) these terrible people are just… well, pooping all over the beaches, trespassing on people’s property for photos of “how beautiful Canada is”, then leaving behind garbage- we’re talking mounds of trash just being left behind on the beaches. Some residents try to talk to them but the people don’t speak English and just continue to litter massive amounts of garbage, and take dumps on the beach.

Sadly, the people pooping on the beaches are all of the same demographic- new Canadians from India. The fact that we have such a high demographic of Indian immigrants choosing Canada as their home means that we need to have provisions in place to teach people the differences in our culture, such as the importance of hygiene and other things we have that may not be the same in their country of origin.

How dare this racist paragon of White Supremacy dare to try imposing her racist standards of toiletry on the noble New Canadians from India, who are just as Canadian as anyone whose parents arrived in the 1600s? Who is this person to impose her standards of hygiene on anyone else, what’s next, mandatory Zyklon showers?

As for the new custom of beach defecation, isn’t cholera a small price to pay for diversity and inclusion?

The dirt is not magic. The dirt is NEVER magic.