Enjoy Being Poor

The British people are told to shut up and accept their national impoverishment. But at least they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing their poverty was caused by choosing the wrong side and backing a certain loser:

British households and businesses need to accept that they are worse off and should stop asking for wage increases and pushing prices higher, the Bank of England’s chief economist, Huw Pill, said on Tuesday. According to Pill, “a series of inflationary shocks” generated by the pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine, and crop shortages have sent prices in the UK to a 40-year high. He claimed that in response to surging bills and other rising costs, workers and businesses are attempting to transfer the impact of inflation onto each other.

The neoliberal world order’s promised benefits to the nations of the West are failing at a remarkable rate. Remember, all of the nations of the West are suffering massive invasion and crime because importing foreigners was supposed to be good for their economies. Only it observably hasn’t been while the societal costs have been catastrophic. The end results have been the complete opposite of the shiny happy seculatopia that was promised.

And yet, there is an easy fix for most of the problems of Clown World, from the economy to the environment. And that is mass deportation on a scale that has seldom been seen before. It may be unthinkable at the moment, but it is inevitable because the alternative is chaos and violence that will ultimately produce the same results at a much higher price to everyone.