Amazon Doubles Down Again

It’s just SJWs doing what SJWs always do. When I wrote SJWs Always Lie and SJWs Always Double Down, which led quite naturally to Corporate Cancer, I wasn’t inventing anything. I was simply observing the obvious.

A new report claims that Amazon Studios scrapped an audience ranking system after data revealed audiences were put off by “queer stories” and themes.

This new report comes from The Hollywood Reporter’s Kim Masters who details that Amazon’s “reliance on testing and data led to a clash late summer” specifically following a marketing meeting regarding the company’s A League of Their Own series.

Masters notes during this meeting an Amazon executive pointed out “that data showed audiences found queer stories off-putting and suggested downplaying those themes in materials promoting the show.”

On top of this, Masters also detailed, “Multiple sources say [Amazon’s system] often ranked broad series featuring straight, white male leads above all others.”

According to the report, the show’s co-creator Will Graham “launched into an interrogation of the system,’ which resulted in Amazon dropping “the system of ranking shows based on audience scores.”

The converged entertainment corporations are never going to stop what they’re doing. Which is why companies like Castalia and Arkhaven are going to outlast even the biggest corporate giants. We’re not competing with them, they’re just waging psychological war on their own customers. And eventually, the wall of reality against which they are battering their heads is going to break them.

It will get worse. It will get a lot worse. It will get worse than you believe is even theoretically possible.

Jesus harrowed Hell. Arkhaven will harrow the Hellmouth.