The First 30 Seconds

The Miles Mathis Committee is of the opinion that the tranny shooting in Nashville was another fake event.

I am not even going to bother proving this one was fake. If you can’t tell in the first 30 seconds of mainstream coverage, you aren’t keeping up. They have already released footage of officers shooting her? But that’s not suspicious, right? I am just going to skip straight to commentary.

First: why are places like Infowars selling this as real? Why is Paul Watson selling this as real and then spinning it? He has to know it is fake. Paul and Alex sell themselves as brilliant analysts, but in 2023 they still can’t spot an obvious false flag? Alex is the one who mainstreamed the term, but he still can’t spot one in 2023? Same for Tucker Carlson, selling it as real and then spinning it against the left. Why? Because that is why it was created.

I have no opinion on occurrence of this or any other historical event that may, or may not, have taken place, for the obvious reason that a) I do not believe or trust the news media, b) the news media is the only source of information for current events, and c) the news media occasionally provides reports of events that appear to have happened as reported.

When you operate on the basis of a probability-based philosophy, a binary approach toward reality is irrelevant anyhow. Which is why I see no reason to take any of this sort of thing seriously.