A Government of Literal Morons

The United States is observably well into the “decline” part of “decline and fall”. If you ever doubted my prediction that the US polity will collapse and break apart, do keep this astonishing statement by a high-ranking government official in mind:

A top official in Democrat President Joe Biden’s administration recently told Congress that “natural immunity is not something we believe in.”

Gil Cisneros, Biden’s undersecretary of defense for personnel and readiness, made the statement while arguing the case for vaccine mandates for members of the U.S. military. Cisneros made the claim shortly after a British study showed prior infection protects people as well as or better than vaccination.

The armed forces will instead continue to push service members to take the COVID-19 vaccine “and boosters,” Cisneros declared.

He continued by denying an inspector general’s report that officials reviewed Christians’ requests for religious exemptions only 12 minutes before dismissing them.

“We don’t know about natural immunity there, as far as how it works and how effective it is,” replied Cisneros after Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) raised the U.K. study during the congressional hearing.

“There’s no good evidence and the research is still going on as to how we need to progress with this,” said Cisneros.

“But as for right now, natural immunity is not something we believe in for this, and so we are still moving forward.”

This isn’t “trust the science” anymore. It’s “trust the retards who don’t know the first thing about science”. I knew Clown World was fake, evil, and gay, but I had no idea it was so deeply and utterly retarded.

I once said Americans would be fortunate to preserve indoor plumbing. But it’s increasingly clear that we’re not going to be that lucky. The plumbing, it is most certainly toast.

Forget the History subscription. We may need to introduce a Basic Survival and Technology subscription.