Boomer Shock

A Boomer is astonished to hear his own Boomer brother’s lack of concern for his own children. As seen on Gab.

As a repentant boomer, I agree with what @voxday says about my generation.

So it wasn’t a total surprise when this morning, during a conversation about our children’s inheritance, my unrepentant, vaccinated boomer brother said, “Why would you want to leave them anything?”

Exact words, and even though it wasn’t a surprise because Vox has said this over and over, it was shocking to hear the complete lack of loyalty to his own children’s future.

My parents, now in their 90s, once had seven rental properties in Perth. They sold them all – one by one – in the 1980s so they “could see the world”. They now own their own downsized home and get the pension.

I’m not making anything up because I hate Boomers. I hate Boomers because I have paid attention to what they have said and what they have done for nearly 50 years, and because we are instructed to hate wickedness.

Boomers are not, on average, good people as the Bible defines the concept.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.
— Proverbs 13:22