The World They Never Knew

Millennials are in mourning for the America that they never had the chance to experience for themselves. From SocialGalactic:

Last night the wife and I were watching home movies of her parents as kids. We both became very annoyed and I was getting angry looking at the bliss they lived in. It was like watching a dream world or a work of fiction, no way times were that good! They’d go to the beach and it was all white people. The same beach today is overrun with Mexicans, Blacks, and heroin needles.

Boomers had it so dang easy, they can take all that “bootstraps & grit” talk and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

It is good and true to hate the Boomer. What makes them particularly despicable is their near-total lack of repentance for their ongoing wickedness combined with their insistence on defending their historical sins, even as they continue to live in lily-white enclaves that shield them from experiencing the degenerate barbarian chaos that engulfs their descendants.

It occurs to me that their lack of exposure to the realities of the American experience might be one reason so many of them prefer to avoid their children and grandchildren. It might not be just Boomer narcissism, but also their avoidance of an unhappy reality that would punch right through their collective illusion that nothing has changed since the summer of 1965.