The Reward for Virtue-Signaling

The speed with which white people adopting a black child inform others of this fact is only surpassed by how quickly a Harvard graduate informs everyone what school he attended, and makes it clear, at the very least, that they expect this will ensure that no one will call them racist. But Colin Kaepernick has corrected their misapprehensions.

Colin Kaepernick has accused his white adoptive parents of ‘perpetuating racism’ by telling him as a teen that corn rows looked unprofessional, and says he had to experience ‘very problematic things’ while growing up in their house.

Kaepernick was adopted as an infant by Rick and Teresa Kaepernick, a white couple from Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. They moved to Turlock, California when he was four.

They had two biological children but lost two sons to congenital heart defects.

Speaking to CBS to promote his new graphic comic memoir, Kaepernick gave the example of his mother telling him corn rows were not professional.

He claims she told him he ‘looked like a little thug’ when he showed her the hairstyle.

‘I know my parents loved me. But there were still very problematic things that I went through,’ he said.

And they thought no one would call them racist.