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THE GOLDEN AGE Episode 1: Celebration of the Immortals

WARMAN Episode 43: Fight or Float

THE SAGA OF EVIL MONKEY MAN! Episode 31: New World Man

STONETOSS Episode 170: Dr. Beast

DON & CARL – THE DAGGER OF DEMONS Episode 3: Jobless

STREET FIGHTING MAN Episode 7: Ground-and-Pound

VEGFOLK FABLES Episode 203: A Favor Earned

We’re very pleased to be able to announce that science fiction great John C. Wright is back with Castalia House and has graciously given Arktoons permission to create a new series featuring his excellent trilogy that begins with THE GOLDEN AGE.


It was a time of masquerade.

It was the eve of the High Transcendence, an event so solemn and significant that it could be held but once each thousand years, and folk of every name and iteration, phenotype, composition, consciousness and neuroform, from every school and era, had come to celebrate its coming, to welcome the transfiguration, and to prepare.

Splendor, feast, and ceremony filled the many months before the great event itself. Energy shapes living in the north polar magnetosphere of the sun, and Cold Dukes from the Kuiper belts beyond Neptune, had gathered to Old Earth, or sent their representations through the mentality; and celebrants had come from every world and moon in the solar system, from every station, sail, habitat and crystal-magnetic latticework.

No human or posthuman race of the Golden Oecumene was absent from these festivities. Fictional as well as actual personalities were invited. Composition-assisted reconstructions of dead or deleted paladins and sages, magnates and philosophers, walked by night the boulevards of the Aurelian palace-city, arm-in-arm with extrapolated demigoddesses from imagined superhuman futures, or languid-eyed lamia from morbid unrealized alternatives, and strolled or danced among the monuments and energy sculptures, fountains, dream fixtures, and phantasms, all beneath a silver, city-covered moon, larger than the moon past ages knew.

And here and there, shining like stars on the active channels of the mentality, were recidivists who had returned from high transhuman states of mind, bringing back with them thought-shapes or mathematical constructions inexpressible in human words, haunted by memories of what the last Transcendence had accomplished, feverish with dreams of what the next might hold.

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