Convincing the Recalcitrant

The USAF is removing the tail markings from its transport planes:

For decades, airlift and tanker aircraft of the U.S. military have flown with a proud “U.S. AIR FORCE” painted on the side of the fuselage, along with markings indicating home units, tail numbers and oftentimes a tail flash showing the unit’s heritage.

But that is no more for much of Air Mobility Command (AMC).

AMC recently directed a change to its fleet, removing the large “U.S. AIR FORCE,” unit markings, tail numbers and other identifying markings. Recent photographs of KC-135s and C-130s operating show just a small U.S. flag on the tail and a light gray Air Force roundel.

AMC says the change was directed for operational security.

This is an obvious preparation for war with Russia and/or China. But more ominously, the removal of AMC markings would make it easier to lay the groundwork for nuclear false flags within the continental United States. And I suspect, given the long and sordid history of US false flags prior to major wars combined with the utter lack of enthusiasm on the part of the white male population to go to war for Ukraine and Uncle Samuel, that the neoclowns are very well aware of the way that a series of serious false flags will be necessary to instill the necessary fighting frenzy into Americans of combat age before any large-scale war is possible.

And I doubt the success of the vaxx campaign has left them with any doubts about the general gullibility of the American population. On the other hand, those who withstood the vaxx propaganda are even more unlikely to find the false flags even remotely convincing.