The Wages of Empire

London is not only ruled by a Punjabi and a Pakistani, the former capital city of the English is now literally owned by Indians:

Indians Now Own More Real Estate in London Than the English

More real estate in London is owned by Indian proprietors than by the native English population, a new study has revealed.

According to the London-based property developer Barratt London, English property owners are the second-biggest group in their own capital, sandwiched between Pakistani proprietors below and Indian property owners at the top.

Empire is a slow-growing cancer on a nation. Having seen what has become of the English empire and what global empire has done to America, do you really believe that China, much less Russia, harbors similar ambitions of global domination?

The multipolarity that Clown World’s two great enemies both presently profess is not a sham or a ruse. To the contrary, it is a conscious rejection of imperial ambitions due to wise and intelligent leadership understanding the long-term cost to future generations of ruling over foreign peoples for the benefit of the current generation.

The wages of empire are foreign ownership and occupation.