Vaxx? What Vaxx?

The vaccine revisionism has officially begun in Canada.

I have a coworker who got the cupcake because of pressure at work and I think he was drinking the coolaid. A while after having the cupcake, his wife found him on the kitchen floor. He was rushed to the hospital where he spent 2 days in emerg and 1 day in the cardiac ward due to a “cardiac event”. He has been diagnosed with myocarditis. When he asked his cardiologist if he should get the second cupcake the Dr.’s response was “you may as well, the damage has already been done.” He got it and was bed ridden for quite some time before finally returning to work under “modified duty”.

Today my coworker dropped a bombshell. On the 1 year anniversary of his “cardiac event” he had a follow up appointment with the same cardiologist. After reviewing the test results, the Dr. asked a strange question. He asked, “what are you doing here?” My coworker was surprised and answered “I’m here for my 1 year follow up.” The Dr then told my coworker that he wanted to show him something. He turned the screen he was looking at towards my coworker and asked, “1 year follow up to what?” There was nothing on the file about my coworker being admitted to the hospital after the cupcake. “Do you have any paperwork?” the Dr. asked. “Yes,” my coworker responded, “I have my discharge papers.” “Keep them.” The Dr. advised. “You are the 5th patient of mine whose admission records have been removed.” The Dr. complained to Alberta Health Services and is now receiving disciplinary action. Alberta Heath Services is deleting records of adverse reactions to the cupcakes.

And to think that we were labelled “conspiracy theorists” because we had absolutely zero faith in the modern medical systems of the West. Now the culprits are adding gaslighting and historical revisionism to the list of their copious crimes. If the medical community is already denying the records of the injuries that occurred in the aftermath of the vaccines, it can’t be too long before they’ll deny administering them in the first place.

Why on Earth does anyone still believe anything the government-media-medical complex tells them?