Just Admit it Already

I was extremely skeptical that Damar Hamlin was alive and well from the moment of “his” appearance at the AFC divisional playoff game in Buffalo, in which “he” appeared to be too short and too slight to be the real Damar Hamlin. Now the smoking gun appears to have been found, which is Hamlin’s Pittsburgh tattoo that commemorates his collegiate career at Pitt.

The tattoo quite clearly isn’t there on the “Damar Hamlin” who appeared at the Super Bowl. I also suspect that the shades were being worn by the individual attending the Super Bowl because there is something observably different about the shape of his eyes. And while the blasphemous jacket both attracted attention and covered Hamlin’s arm tattoos, it appears someone forgot about the neck tattoo.

It’s not the first time. The media announced that Hamlin got a new hand tattoo in February, before the Super Bowl, after “conspiracy theorists” noticed that the individual who attended the AFC playoff game between the Bills and the Bengals on January 22, 2023 was missing the hand tattoos previously observed on the hand of Damar Hamlin.