Russia’s New Red Lines

Russia is sending a very clear warning to the neoclowns. Not because they expect the evil morons to heed them, but to give the people of the West one last chance to stop following the wicked satanists down the pathway to Hell.

As usual, Yevgeny Popov, State Duma member and host of “Sixty Minutes,” put a lot of video segments from Western television up on the screen, including a lengthy statement by Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, former commander of all U.S. forces in Europe from 2014 to 2017, on how the Ukrainians must be given long range precision missiles for them to attack Russian Crimea and also further into the Russian heartland. The interview from which this declaration was made does not yet appear in Google search, but from interviews posted in 2022 it is clear that Hodges is no madman, and his statements must, as Popov said, be taken with utmost seriousness.

The context, of course, for the radical escalation now being discussed in the United States is the expectation of a massive Russian offensive to begin shortly as the anniversary of the Special Military Operation approaches. The imminent defeat of Ukrainian forces has focused minds in Washington.

One of the regular panelists on “Sixty Minutes” then faced the cameras directly and said that Russia’s nuclear doctrine is under revision in light of these aggressive plans being aired in the United States, so that Russia is headed towards a policy of ‘preventive’ tactical nuclear strikes, similar to what the United States has. Moreover, if Ukraine targets Crimea and heartland Russia, then Russia will respond according to plans now being laid down. These plans foresee counter strikes against U.S military installations in Europe and in the Continental United States using hypersonic missiles. The panelist calls for this threat of counter strikes in Europe and the US to be made public and explicit, so that no one is in doubt about what to expect from the Kremlin.

So here we are. The Russians are stripping away the fiction of a proxy war and revealing the co-belligerent status of the US and its NATO allies in preparation for a kinetic war with NATO.

Meanwhile, the slaves of Clown World are still playing their magic word games and pretending that they are relevant in a military context. Colonel Markus Reisner, the military strategist of the Austrian Ministry of Defence, takes on the difficult task of explaining why NATO soldiers fighting in Ukraine under NATO command-and-control with NATO weapons against Russian forces do not mean that NATO is at war with Russia.

If the military from Austria or NATO countries retired from service and became mercenaries, then they could no longer be considered representatives of the armies of their states. He explained that the serviceman takes off his uniform, signs a contract and goes to Ukraine – now he is not a soldier, for example, of the Austrian armed forces, but a contract mercenary. In his opinion, there are a large number of mercenaries on the territory of Ukraine and not soldiers of the alliance.

Wanna bet? I’m pretty sure the Russians are perfectly capable of considering these newly-minted “mercenaries” to be not only representatives of the armies of their states, but representatives of Clown World as well. The idea that the various European states, led by the USA, are merely providing weapons and money for Ukraine to pay for and supply these retired US and European soldiers, who are now “mercenaries”, is the application of talmudism to military grand strategy.

I expect it is going to be demonstrated, very soon, what a fundamental category error that will turn out to be.