We’re Not Obsessed

The younger generations don’t understand why most Generation X Americans know precisely how smart they are in terms of IQ because of another aspect of society that has been lost. Further to yesterday’s discussion of IQ on SG, allow me to explain the reason.

GenX was repeatedly intelligence-tested with the IOWA Assessment tests in elementary school, but neither we nor our parents were given the results. However, the results were utilized by the public school systems to put those who tested at the highest levels in various accelerated “gifted” programs. Six years later, most of us were tested again with the PSAT in 11th grade and the SAT in 12th grade. All of these examinations were IQ tests, but we were only privy to the results of the PSAT and SAT.

The US educational establishment stopped IQ testing schoolchildren in the 1993-1994 timeframe. That’s why the post-May 1993 PSAT scores and the post-1994 SAT scores no longer suffice to provide qualification for MENSA membership. Both tests are now exercises in memorization akin to the “achievement” testing of the ACT or the IOWA Basic Skills tests.

This is why most GenX know how smart they are, and why most Millennials and Zoomers don’t.