They Lied, is How

Scott Adams is still running through various Gamma routines, but his delusion bubble is showing signs it might pop soon.

Andrew Bostom, MD, MS @andrewbostom
Data obtained by FOIA from CDC’s gold standard, C19 vax safety cohort study, “V-safe”: 7.7% of this ~10 million cohort reported having to receive acute medical care after receipt of a C19 vaccine, up to & incl emergency room care, & /or hospitalization. Link to source.

Scott Adams @ScottAdamsSays
How can this be real?

The various, and at times, mutually contradictory, attempts to explain these numbers away is understandable, but mildly amusing. But for those who can’t read, the point is that “acute medical care” was required by 7.7 percent of the vaccinated within six weeks of the vaccination, a higher rate than would normally be expected.