To Catch a Psycho

The Pure Living For Life channel is now hunting the professional cyberstalker who has been relentlessly stalking them for five years:

There are three groups currently, and two of them, the moderator, the leader, the admin, is the psychopath. This primary persona is actually a very caring and naive, even inexperienced woman that really doesn’t know anything about anything, she’s just “I’m just so naive, can someone please help me understand like how this Facebook thing works, I don’t really know much about Facebook Messenger, yeah, I don’t really use this that often, I need people to help me.” They give out lots of compliments, lots of pats on the back, they’re very nurturing, almost mother-like. They’re very good at making people feel like they belong.

When we first started clicking around these groups, we observed that a lot of the group members were what we would describe as throw-away accounts, they were all aliases, they had no history, no friends, it was very clear that these were fake accounts. What we didn’t know was who was behind them, and initially, we did suspect certain creators, but I think a lot of these were actually this one person. There were real people in the group, we do have proof of that, but I think initially the number of real people was actually quite small in comparison.

They would allow threads in their group like, hey, everyone why do you think they don’t live in their house? and they started having people watching our videos frame-by-frame trying to find evidence, holes in our story, if you will, and they would compile all this information and what this became was a recruitment tool for curious viewers.

Here are some of the ways that they would justify the existence and the creation of these groups: well, we only created this group because you don’t allow us to comment, you took away our freedom of speech, you have silenced us, you just have to admit that you don’t know what you’re doing – which we admit in pretty much every video – they said, you just need to tell the truth and we’ll stop but there wasn’t a truth to tell! We were telling the truth!

They began heavily recruiting to their groups through the comments section of other creators and people would come to the groups either out of natural curiosity, with malicious intent, or because they wanted to promote their own channels. They had hundreds or thousands of usernames that they kept unique across numerous platforms to make it look like the people on each platform were unique people creating the illusion of an angry mob. To be more specific, the people on Reddit don’t line up to YouTube don’t line up to Facebook, so it looks like, oh there’s all these people on this platform but those are not the same people on this platform, it’s all the same person.

There are several types of cyberstalkers. There are the curious ones, from the men and women who silently follow the Facebook and Linked In pages of their former romantic interests to old schoolmates keeping up with past friends and acquaintances and young people who have recently met potential new interests performing amateur background checks, but these harmless stalkers are bothering no one.

Then there are the organic stalkers, who are usually gamma males that have taken personal offense at the ideology, beliefs, behavior, or mere existence of a particular individual, usually some form of Internet or TV celebrity. Every actress, writer, streamer, and influencer has a few of these. As annoying as they can be, they are mostly harmless, as doxxing the targets of their obsession is usually the extreme extent of their behavior. In most cases, they do more harm to themselves than others, as they seldom bother to seriously disguise their own identities and they often put themselves in direct legal jeopardy due to their delusional state. Many of them are mentally disturbed, and one can sometimes even observe when they are on and when they are off their prescribed medications.

A secondary form of the organic stalker is the sexual obsessive, which is mildly amusing for male targets but can be deadly for female targets. Male targets typically receive long, narcissistic missives which eventually escalate to sending pictures of the obsessed individual wearing bikinis and other suggestive attire. Many women, particularly on Instagram, are plagued by these obsessives, and although it is very rare, there have been a few actresses killed by an obsessed stalkers who escalated to the point of physical trespassing and violence.

The third form is the corporate SJW. These stalkers tend to be employed by various corporations, although many of the 500+ Wikipedia admins also fit the profile. They’re better seen as thought police than stalkers, although they will literally camp on a Wikipedia entry or an Amazon product for more than a decade once focused on a particular target. The Wikipedia variety can be easily identified by simply examining the View History tab of any given page there; for example, the admin DragonflySixtyseven has been stalking the Wikipedia page about me since 2013.

There are three forms of inorganic stalker. The first is the hacker, which may be nothing more than a botnet, who attempts to break into the target’s site for the purposes of causing chaos and disruption. This is easily dealt with by maintaining proper site and operational security.

The second is the contextual paid hasbaran. These are contract employees of large operations that range from PR firms to state intelligence agencies. They scan the Internet looking for posts, comments, and reviews that contradict their established narrative, then engage in a number of familiar tactics to counter the anti-narrative and disrupt any discussions that appear likely to violate their narrative. They primarily engage in short-term drive-by actions, although I suspect the information they feed up the chain is used to provide targets for the more persistent operations.

And the third form of inorganic stalker is the dedicated professional. This is probably the individual with whom the Pure Living couple are dealing. Dedicated professional cyberstalkers have several identifiable characteristics.

  • They farm the dedicated hate community, which despite the dozens of sock puppets active in it is usually measured in the single digits.
  • They establish and moderate the forums hosting the dedicated hate community.
  • They are persistent over very long periods of time, but unlike the genuine psychos, remain emotionally cool and detached.
  • They tend to have more information much more readily to hand than the organic stalkers and often use it to correct the latter.
  • They relentlessly egg on the organic stalkers while never doing anything themselves.
  • They give out “awards” to the organic trolls and sockpuppets.
  • Their cover story to justify what is observably deranged behavior never makes much sense. It’s always something retarded like “I subscribed to Jimmy’s channel for a month back in 2012 but then I saw him wear a green t-shirt on a stream, which is why I’ve spent the last ten years obsessively farming this hate-Jimmy community on a daily basis.”
  • They strike grandiose poses and will affect to be experts on everything from financial and legal matters to child care and home repair to reassure the organic stalkers.
  • They’re very careful not to cross any legal lines themselves, while encouraging others to do so.
  • They often, though not always, pretend to be women even though their writing is quite clearly male.
  • They very quickly avert any questions directed at themselves by the organic stalkers.
  • They attempt to avoid the obvious distinction between themselves and the organic trolls they are farming and always prefer to utilize plural pronouns.

It’s important to remember that these inorganic stalkers are not crazy people who are obsessed with the target for their own deluded reasons, they’re merely paid to act like psychopaths in order to gather and focus the organic haters on the target of the desired harassment. Many of them, perhaps most, are convicted felons, often convicted for crimes that render them generally unemployable; several professional stalkers whose identities the VFM have identified are, like Kyle Rittenhouse’s attacker Joseph Rosenbaum, listed on a sex offender registry. They’re essentially professional Gamma farmers who are working from a recognizable script.

Systematic documentation is the key. There is no point in communicating with any inorganic stalker since they’re just doing the job they are being paid to do. Threatening consequences or modifying your behavior in accordance with their demands will accomplish nothing, the only solution is to patiently document each crossing of a legal line, in either your jurisdiction or the stalker’s jurisdiction, then present the collected evidence to the relevant police force. And remember, the objective should be to prioritize identifying the inorganic stalker’s employer, identifying the stalker himself is little more than a means to a more important end.