A Stalker’s Defense

One of the lead cyberstalkers of the homesteading couple’s YouTube channel tries to defend his harassment of them. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it.

This place only started because of the complete censorship of critical comments during the build process. No matter how nicely advice was couched, it resulted in the comment being deleted and the user being blocked. That arrogance was the Zeus from whose head this place sprang fully formed.

There were thousands of well-intentioned viewers that felt betrayed by this. They felt betrayed again when you suddenly and without warning announced that you were abandoning the off-grid premise of the channel and were in fact tying into the grid. The final betrayal came when you appeared to abandon the building process and disappear. All the views, all the ads, all the patreon money — it looked to a lot people like you took those things and ran. A great many people felt — truly felt — as if you had stolen their time and money. You never offered an explanation, and so viewers rightfully formed their own conclusions.

Our concerns about a child living in a house under construction were always genuine concerns. One only need skim your videos from that period to see the drywall dust, the failed inspections, the tools laying around everywhere, the lack of safety railing, etc. In my opinion, it was (and may still be) an thoroughly unsafe environment for a toddler.

You can practically smell the stink of Gamma floating off the page. How dare a content creator control the discourse on his own channel! How dare he not accept unsolicited, but nicely-couched advice offered to him!

And worst of all, how dare he change his plans!

This last observation, by the way, is why you should IMMEDIATELY jettison any Gamma you discover working for you or in your organization. They will never, ever, be successful at anything they do, no matter how small, because they have a near-complete inability to grasp the way in which that changing circumstances always requires changing course to attain or maintain success. The only way Gammas can be “successful” is to have it given to them by someone in a position to do so. This is why they are such shameless suck-ups as well as why they rage when their “I’m your biggest fan” routine doesn’t translate into anything of material advantage to them.

“You have to give me the prize because I really, really want it,” is an effective summary of the core Gamma philosophy across every walk of life, from business to romance.

The inability to adjust to changing circumstances is why “but you said” is a reliable Gamma tell. As well as “betrayal”, “well-intentioned”, “truly felt”, “rightfully”, and “genuine concerns”. It’s all just rhetorical cover meant to excuse their lunatic obsessions, but no psychologically well-adjusted individual is ever going to fall for it, because the claimed objectives never come close to justifying the excessive means utilized.

You’d think this guy would be happy, because the channel he was attacking went dark for a long time and the attempt to build the house appears to have failed, but Gamma psychology is so dysfunctional that not even normal schadenfreude can satisfy it.

This commenter’s reaction to the gamma’s attempted defense of his actions fairly well represents the normal individual’s view of the gammastalker and his “well-intentioned” behavior.

You ‘felt betrayed’? Seriously? What kind of parasocial dysfunctional idiots are you people? I don’t care how many comments were deleted, the content of those comments or what they changed their minds about with the build…the fact that you people took it so personally to start doxxing and stalking them is laughable and the fact that some of you brought their child into this is downright reprehensible. Youtubers are NOT your personal friends. Youtubers don’t owe you a god damn thing. They put out the content and you vote for the quality of that content with your views and your wallet. If you don’t like the content or personalities of the Youtuber, STOP watching.

They’re Gammas. That’s the fundamental problem. Because Gammas are always and inevitably going to Gamma.