Israel Confirmed Vaxx Harm

Steve Kirsch provides proof that the Israeli government found serious safety problems with the COVID vaccines back in June 2022, then deliberately covered them up to the detriment of their own people.

Executive Summary
The Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) was informed by their own hand-selected outside expert group headed by Prof. Mati Berkowitz that the COVID vaccines are not as safe as the MoH had been claiming to the Israeli people. It was just the opposite: instead of mild, short term events, the events were serious and long-lasting… Instead of admitting their mistake, the MoH covered it up by issuing a report that distorted the expert report.

The Key Facts

The Israeli health authority knew the vaccines were harming people: the side effects of the vaccine are neither mild nor short term. In fact, in 65% of the neurological cases that mentioned duration, the symptoms are all on-going.

They also established causality: the side effects were caused by the vaccine. This is something no one else had been able to establish before.

They don’t know how serious the harm is because they only looked at the data for the top five categories. Cardiovascular was #6. So they have only looked at a fraction of the data.

The researchers do not know the prevalence of these serious side effects because they were just provided with the numerator, not the denominator (similar to VAERS).

The Israeli authorities deliberately covered up the safety issues and hid it from the world, issuing a false report essentially saying “there is nothing new to see here folks, move along.”

The only good news in all of this is that Israel protected Palestinians from getting this very unsafe vaccine. That was very humane of the Israelis.

The Israeli people aren’t stupid. They have figured out the vaccines are “unsafe and ineffective”and are no longer complying with government directives to be vaccinated. Just 2.4% of the Israeli population is “in compliance” as of Sept 2, 2022.

Definitely read the whole thing. A link to the leaked 80-minute video is provided there.

Less than 30 percent of the Israeli population is entirely unvaccinated, and by far the greater part of that unvaccinated population is Palestinian. If the fertility issues caused by the vaxx are as serious as the initial live birth statistics tend to indicate – a 20 percent reduction – this will likely have a profound effect on the future of Jewish-Palestinian relations in Israel, Gaza, and the West Bank.

For the record, the damning Twitter thread mentioned in Kirsch’s article.

Yaffa Shir-Raz@YaffaRaz
7:43 pm · 1 Sep 2022

1/ In a leaked video, a research team commissioned by the Israeli MoH warns: “We’ll have to think medical-legal – how to present our findings to avoid lawsuits. Why? Because of quite a few side effects we said: ‘OK, it exists and reports exist, BUT STILL GET VACCINATED'”.

2/ In the zoom meeting, which took place in early June, the research team reports to MoH senior staff on its’ findings rearding the safety of the Pfizer vaccine, based on an analysis of SE reports recieved from Dec. 2021 to May 2022 from a new reporting system launched Dec 2021.

3/ The findings revealed a range of long-term SEs, including ones not listed by Pfizer, and a high rate of rechallenge (recurrence of an SE after repeated doses), which as the team repeatedly stresses, establish causal relations with the vaccine.

4/ Nevertheless, the IMOH withheld the findings for 2 months, even from their own expert committee which decided 3 weeks later to clear the vaccine for infants. Only on August 9, two months later, the IMoH decided to publish a formal report:

5/ Yet, in contrast to the researchers’ findings and conclusions presented to them – the IMoH blatantly claimed in the report that there were NO NEW SIGNALS found in the study that are not already known. In contrast to the researchers’ findings and conclusions presented to them – the IMoH blatantly claimed in the report that there were NO NEW SIGNALS found in the study that are not already known.

6/ They also manipulated the reporting rate of AEs by using a denominator of TOTAL doses administered ~18 million. The new reporting system was launched on Dec 2021 when majority of Israelis already got 2-3 doses, which means -AEs in the study represent a tiny portion of vaccines

7/ Even worse! They calculated the denominator of vaccines against the reports of menstrual irregularities using TOTAL NUMBER OF ADULT DOSES – meaning, men were included in the equation of how common menstrual irregularities were.

8/ And if all this is not enough, the MoH also framed the findings as representing the ENTIRE POPULTION, hiding the fact that only one small HMO out of the 4 operating in Israel handed over their reports, thus the study only covers ~15% of the population

9/ Despite the importance of this meeting, Dr. Sharon Alroi Preis, head of Health Services in the MOH who is signed on the contract with Pfizer, does not participate. The researchers repeatedly ask MoH officials to make sure dr. Preis gets their findings