Never Wrong

You might have thought Scott Adams was wrong. But he wasn’t. You just aren’t smart enough to see that when he said “2+2=37”, what he really meant was “4”. Of all the people who were ever right, he was right the most.

Gammas gonna gamma. If there is one certainty in this life besides death and taxes, it is that gammas are always going to gamma. But it’s obvious that the narrative has completely shifted, as even those who pushed the vaxx most avidly are now beginning to deny that they ever did what they quite clearly and observably did.

UPDATE: Scott Adams doubles down.

Idiot cartoonist Garrison combines two fake news stories about me into one.

I predicted the shots wouldn’t work and never trusted them. I was anti-mask, anti-lockdown, anti-mandate.

Musk agreed with me that WEF is not conspiring to reduce population. No one got schooled.