The Importance of Engagement

This is the sort of engagement that we are told is so important that it’s necessary to put up with a constant stream of abusive vulgarities, obscenities, and blasphemies.

@GENESPLICER: As much as I have tired to ignore you, I’ve watched you year after year worm your way into more relevant streams and comment of much more relevant and viable people in a sad attempt to leech off of them. You are simply a sad poser who cannot unless he leeches onto those who can.

@VOXDAY: You’re lying. Go ahead, name a single person with whom I’ve made any attempt whatsoever to “worm my way in”. You won’t be able to do so. I’m a publisher. As a general rule, people contact me. It’s not the other way around.

@GENESPLICER: You are not worth my time to do so. To assume so mean you think your worth is more than it is. It is simply not for such a casual observation.

Gammas are always going to Gamma. Every single time. They are incapable of doing otherwise; their pattern of behavior is firmly fixed. This is why there is absolutely no point in showing them any mercy, any consideration, or any benefit of the doubt. I had absolutely no doubt that this guy was a liar, or that he would immediately produce some excuse to avoid answering after being called out.

This, of course, is why they are wailing about the Gammacaust. Because they are projecting their own inability to back up their groundless assertions on everyone else.

Anyhow, this should suffice to demonstrate my lack of concern about the potential loss of engagement resulting from Gab’s new comment moderations features.