Amazon Doubles Down

It appears that Amazon Studios has decided that the fundamental problem underlying the comprehensive failure of Dem Rangz o’ Powah was an insufficiency of strong woman power storytelling.

The Lord Of The Rings fans got a glimpse of what to expect with the upcoming second season of the prequel series The Rings Of Power on Wednesday. Amazon Studios announced that the next season will feature a striking all-female directing team, according to Deadline. Among the women helming the season will be Charlotte Brändström, who previously directed two episodes of the fantasy show’s debut season.

Hamri, who hails from Morocco, got her start directing music videos for Mariah Carey, Destiny’s Child and Prince, among others, before directing the Sanaa Lathan film Something New in 2006. She later directed The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2 and Just Wright, but she has mostly worked in television in recent years, including producing and directing for another Amazon fantasy series, The Wheel Of Time.

Hooper has worked in British television for decades, though she recently scored high-profile directing gigs on episodes of The Sandman and The Witcher.

After all, who better to visually interpret the vision of a white male Oxford don than a bunch of women who have failed, failed, and failed again? You just know the great debate in the writer’s room is if it’s enough to hint that Galadrial just might be attracted to another woman or if they should throw caution to the winds, shave her head, and have her form a lifelong romantic attachment to a female orc.

I expect that the great majority of Tolkien fans who successfully ignored the first season will ignore the second one even harder.