MW Update

MIDNIGHT’S WAR campaign update.

Days Left: 26

% of Goal: 89.5

Backers: 154

It’s taken a little longer than previous campaigns, but we’re almost there. A new stretch goal will be announced tomorrow if the initial target is hit tonight. Bounding Into Comics has a nice article up reporting on the launch of the campaign. If you’re a backer, be sure to leave a comment there!

The series is currently free to read on Arkhaven Comics’ digital platform Arkhaven and currently has over 56 episodes published to date. According to the site’s metrics it’s one of the more popular titles on the site and has over 250,000 views.

The new Kickstarter will collect the first six issues of the series that are currently available to read on However, it also offers collected editions of issues 7-12 as well. These issues continue the story of Dante Fitzalan, Arika su-Fitzalan, Julian Varney, Denisa Denue Remords, and Andre Montbard and “follows the bitter vendetta being fought between two of the rival vampire factions, a vendetta that was, unbeknownst to both factions, caused by a hostile third party.”

Not only that it also offers a collection of a new Chuck Dixon spinoff series, Midnight’s War: Night Streets, which is described as a “police procedural set within the Midnight World that features characters introduced in Midnight’s War as well as entirely new characters.”

On a related note, it is looking increasingly likely that we will be able to do the leather omnibus edition in color. We will run some test bindings in the new year in order to be sure.

UPDATE: Greenlight! We are currently at 102.6% of goal on Day 3. Thanks to all 171 of the backers! The first stretch goal will be announced tomorrow.