Go Woke and Choke

Wales is the latest World Cup team to lose after making a public display of their dedication to the rainbow agenda.

ITEM: Gareth Bale’s side wore rainbow shirts during their-warmup ahead of the crucial game. Captain Bale led the way as all 26 players wore a white top with multi-coloured stripes running down each shoulder pre-match. Following the warm-up, the players returned down the tunnel and later re-emerged wearing Adidas jackets with rainbow flashes amid an ongoing row with FIFA over political statements and its ban on the LGBTQ ‘OneLove armband.

So brave. Much wow!

ITEM: Disaster for Wales at the World Cup after Welsh goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey was sent off for clash with Iranian. Wales have suffered a gut-wrenching 2-0 defeat in their crucial match with Iran
Wayne Hennessey was sent off and Iran struck the post before two late goals.

The soccer gods are clearly not amused by teams that put politics and globalist propaganda ahead of sports.