The World Cup is Fake and Gay

Everything in Clown World is fake and gay, so it should be no surprise that even the biggest sporting events are too:

Allegations of ‘fake fans’ at the World Cup in Qatar are growing as videos emerge of identikit fans wearing shirts from different countries, after FIFA president Gianni Infantino claimed the suggestions were ‘pure racism’ in a rambling speech ahead of the tournament kicking off tomorrow.

Videos shared online show large groups of men, mostly of Indian origin, wearing the colours of national teams including England, Germany and Argentina, leading to speculation they had been ‘hired’ by Qatar to build atmosphere for the competition.

The groups of fans are kitted out in football kits and near-identical banners reading ‘England fans Qatar’ and ‘Germany fans Qatar’ along with drums and instruments not usually associated with supporters from those countries.

One video shows a presenter asking different groups of fans who will win the World Cup.

Each crowd responds with the name of their team – in English rather than the language native to each country. Most of the banners held by the fans are also written in English. 

It appears the technology to show seemingly full stands of digital fans has not yet been developed yet. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before they start faking the players as well as the fans; think about how much more money the Clown World corpocrats could make if they didn’t have to actually pay the players anything. This is but a harbinger of the fake gay world that the globalists want to construct.

Isn’t it amusing how “racist” has become the catch-all response to criticisms of Clown World, no matter how nonsensical? It demonstrates how futile it is to imagine that intellectual engagement with these inverted irrealists is even possible, let alone likely to be successful.

UPDATE: Eight UEFA nations, including Germany, Denmark, Wales and Holland, announced they would wear One Love armbands as a sign of their commitment to gay rights.