Weekend Arktoons

CLASSIC BIBLE TALES Episode 81: Zacchaeus the Publican

INVASION ’55 Episode 18: This is Not a Drill

BEN GARRISON CLASSICS Episode 69: Gaslighting

FULL OF EYES Episode 11: Dark Night of the Soul

VEGFOLK FABLES Episode 155: The Eald Tree

CHATEAU GRIEF Episode 168: De Bait

There is also some major change that has come to the online comics world, as the market leader, Webtoons, has decided to essentially stop compensating its independent creators. Illustrating once more that Arktoons is inevitable.

I noticed there was a ton of screaming coming from the people who publish on Webtoons.com. Okay, there is always a lot of noise from that corner, but this seemed to be genuinely angry for once.

It turns out they had good reason.

Their payment program just went bye-bye.

A notice was sent by Webtoon, notifying its CANVAS Creators that the Creator Rewards Program will end in January 2023. A “tipping system” will replace the program, but the platform did not divulge details as to when they would implement the system or what it would look like, leaving many creators in a state of financial limbo. The announcement was met with anger and frustration by many creators whose income largely comes from the program.