Monday Arktoons

HYPERGAMOUSE Episode 89: Welcome Back

DEUS VULT Episode 12: A Maze of Horrors

MY SISTER SUPREMA Episode 30: High Places

CHATEAU GRIEF Episode 165: Plots To Do

EVIL MONKEY MEMES Episode 61: Smoke ‘Em If You’ve Got ‘Em

SPACEKRAKEN Episode 40: Quantum Caffeination

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: MYSTERY Episode 50: Hit & Run: Miss & Die

CHUCK DIXON PRESENTS: WAR Episode 72: Knockout Blow

HOW TO SUCCEED LIKE A DARK LORD Episode 19: Where To Start?

It’s a big Monday on Arktoons. Both MY SISTER SUPREMA and HOW TO SUCCEED LIKE A DARK LORD are back, and today also marks the triumphant return of DEUS VULT, an original Arktoons comic from the leading Hispanic voice in comics, Jon Del Arroz.