Diversity Fails the Hellmouth

Hollywood is discovering that diversity is not a strength:

“For three years, we hired nothing but women and people of color,” said a senior film executive, who like many leaders in the industry is a white male. He added that he did not think some of them were able to do the jobs they got.

In hushed conversations over lunch at Toscana Brentwood and cocktails at the San Vicente Bungalows, some powerful producers and agents have started to question the commercial viability of inclusion-minded films and shows.

They point to terrible ticket sales for films like “Bros,” the first gay rom-com from a major studio, and “Easter Sunday” a comedy positioned as a watershed moment for Filipino representation. “Ms. Marvel,” a critically adored Disney+ series about a teenage Muslim superhero, was lightly viewed, according to Nielsen’s measurements.

They weren’t able to do their jobs for obvious reasons related to IQ, ideology, and solipsism. Now imagine how badly that same diversity is going to fail the US military when it finds itself going up against the non-diverse Russian and Chinese militaries in the next decade.

Anyhow, the Hellmouth’s struggles are our opportunity, as I expect to be able to demonstrate soon.