Xi is in Complete Control

You may recall a few weeks ago that the globalist media was excitedly reporting that mysterious events in China, particularly around Beijing, possibly indicated that a coup against President Xi was taking place. You may also recall that I told you the idea President Xi’s control over the Party and the government was slipping was complete nonsense; the Chinese leader is not only very smart and extremely effective, but is far more popular with his people than are any of the political leaders across the former West.

And now, it is obvious to everyone that Xi is not only going to continue calling the shots, but is strong enough to continue rooting out the remnants of the pro-globalist faction in China:

Former general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Hu Jintao, was forcibly escorted out of the 20th Chinese Communist Party National Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing by Kong Shaoxun, the deputy director of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee, moments before the de-facto Emperor of China, Xi Jingping, was re-elected to another five-year term on Saturday.
At the first plenary session of the CCP’s 20th Central Committee on Sunday, Xi hinted at his intraparty purges that have made him the most authoritarian leader of China since Mao Zedong.

“Driven by a strong sense of mission, we have resolved to offend a few thousand rather than fail 1.4 billion and to clear out the party of all its ills. We’ve used a combination of measures to take out tigers, swat flies, and hunt down foxes, punishing corrupt officials of all types,” Xi said.

A video shows that Jintao was involuntarily escorted from the auditorium during the last day of congress on Saturday.

He refused assistance from a CCP aid and attempted to pick up a document on the table, an action which the paramount leader of China stopped by when he placed his hand on the document.

Another high-ranking CCP member to the left of Jintao was seen almost getting up from his seat before his companion next to him tapped him on the back to sit back down.

It’s hard to exaggerate the significance of this public arrest of Hu Jintao. Hu has been one of the leaders of the pro-globalist faction in China for decades. He was supposed to be the architect of the transition of the seat of The Empire That Never Ended from Washington DC to Beijing.

This probably signifies some massive changes coming soon, although what they will be is hard to say. Regardless, expect to see the anti-Russian emphasis in the media to shift soon to an anti-Chinese one, as China is by far the more serious threat to the tottering globalist world order.