More Adventures in Bafflegarble

Starring, as always, Jordan Peterson.

“Well, the question ‘Did that happen?’ begs the question ‘What do you mean by happen?’
“Because when you deal with fundamental reality and you pose a question, you have to understand that the reality of the concept of your question when you’re digging that deep are just as questionable about as what you’re questioning!
“Now so people say to me, ‘What do… do you believe in God?’
“And I say, ‘OK; there’s a couple of mysteries in that question.’
“What do you mean, ‘do?’
“What do you mean, ‘you?’
“What do you mean ‘believe?’
“And what do you mean, ‘God?’
“And you say as the questioner, ‘Well, we already know what all those things mean except belief in God.
“And I think, ‘No! If we’re going to get down to the fundamental brass tacks, we don’t know what ANY of those things mean.’”

This is what happens when you’re not very intelligent, you’ve never read any Greek, Roman, or Christian philosophy, you have a Christ complex, and you’ve sold your soul to the Prometheans. The addiction to Definitely Not Meth and what appears to be a multi-generational history of sexual abuse probably don’t help.

Every single one of you who ever thought that Jordan Peterson was anything more than a complete intellectual fraud should be ashamed of yourselves. Remember precisely what you did, and what you thought, the next time you’re tempted to tell me I’m wrong about someone.

My track record of predicting future events may be flawed – I am not a prophet and I make no pretense of being one – but my track record of calling out intellectual charlatans is flawless.

Speaking of charlatans, it will probably surprise no one that the multi-vaxxed Scott Adams is impressed by the Petersonian bafflegarble.

This is an interesting “one screen, two movies” situation. If you think he is talking about the dictionary definition of words, it sounds stupid. If you understand his point about how much of reality our brains can access, it makes perfect sense.