Boosted and Triggered

Boomers respond to Friday’s Hypergamouse.

  • Sorry to burst your bubble, but, these boomers refused to get vaccinated even when our companies threatened to fire us, even when our doctor threatened to not see us anymore, even when we were told we couldn’t enter stores or travel…. We still refused…. but one of our adult sons went out and got vaccinated even though we begged him not to… In fact, most of our Boomer friends refused to get vaccinated, but all of their kids and grandkids went out and got “Fully Boosted”
  • stop generalizing…I see tons of young idiots still wearing masks…
  • you are a idiot, most so called boomers i know did not take it so stfu little boy.
  • Jewish tactics to divide us. My boomer sisters and their kids had the same attitude on the vax.
  • you’re such a whiney little punk.
  • You sound like the left with White men. Your criticism of boomers highlights your own failures. May I recommend a crying room?
  • We are normal and most of you have been fucked over by the CIA and fed poison to reduce your T levels. It is painfully obvious to outsiders. Theodore’s blog is an echo chamber, however. And all of his little calamities rush to his rescue to gain his approval. I would be embarrassed to complain about my parents the way you little pussies do. BTW, Boomers didn’t have mudsharking, crying rooms, heteroflexibility or any of the pathologies younger generations have exhibited in large numbers. My father would have kicked me out of the house on my ass if i snivelled as Theodores boys all do. Maybe your parents decided all of you were hopeless failures and decided there was no point to leaving you a legacy. You homos need to man up and quit crying about daddy not buying you a BMW for your birthday. That’s essentially the sum total of your criticisms. None of you have ever done a hard day’s manual labor in your lives. You blame boomers to deflect your own culpability. Theodore uses you to feel popular and powerful. I’m trying to show how men think, which none of you are. If you don’t man up, the coons will eat your lunch when goings go South. They already fuck your women.

It’s always amusing how so many Boomers simply cannot help a) identifying with their g-g-generation and b) defending the actions of their g-g-generation while c) explaining that they are special and different every time anyone criticizes their collective actions.

It also demonstrates that Boomers don’t understand statistics. According to the CDC, as of 10 October 2022, 95 percent of the 65+ age group is vaccinated, the highest percentage of any age group. Furthermore, Boomers also had the smallest drop-off from one dose to a complete series as 92.8 percent of all 65+ US citizens have been vaccinated and boosted.

The younger generations obviously see things very differently.

  • This hits the nail on the head. Boomers were/are so selfish. The best of everything for themselves, never a bit of effort for anyone else, even their own families. They had career jobs where they literally just showed up with a resume and a handshake, first class pension plans, 8 hour work days, first class health and dental plans, 4 weeks vacation and paid days off… and they still had minimal involvement with their children and almost no helping with the grandkids. They shut off the career jobs, the pensions and health plans, the vacations, as soon as the last boomer got in. They laugh about spending money that could have been used to help their grandkids live in a good school district, but they need the second cruise every year and the vacation condo.
  • This cuts very close to home for me. I imagine once the old bastard dies, the assets will be on the negative side as he’s led a pampered lifestyle and given very little to help others.
  • It’s sad that the vax was urged on kids to protect their grandparents, even though it now turns out there’s no evidence being vaxed protects from passing the virus on. Now our governor has just ordered all kids in California to be vaccinated, even tho there’s no evidence kids are harmed by catching COVID-19.
  • The graph you posted a couple weeks ago from Pew, showing that Gen X parents spend a lot more time with their kids than Boomer parents, very informative. If I’m perceiving this correctly, Gen X’s strategy was more to drop out of the Boomer’s world and being the best parents possible, while my generation, Millennials, is more about directly confronting and destroying the Boomer World Order. And I’m just fine with that arrangement!
  • Boomers really can’t help themselves. One little suggestion that their generation isn’t perfect and they flock in to tell you how great they are. The boomers were the whiniest generation, then proceeded to raise their children terribly. Almost all the issues with millennials can be laid at the feet of the boomers. We do hate you. You all abandoned us for sex and hedonism, tanked our economy, destroyed the moral foundation and abandoned Christ.
  • Captures the attitude of some boomers perfectly.
  • Too funny. NO matter how many times it’s said, some Boomers just can’t bear to have the slightest criticism aimed at them, even if it doesn’t apply to them personally. And look at how some of them respond, childish insults and crass sexual innuendo. Like a bunch of perpetual children.
  • What kills me is the look of resignation on the face of this cartoon female mouse. The artist captured it well. I have to accept that some people just can’t be reached. This display of Boomer ignorance, narcissism, and selfishness isn’t just a cartoon. It’s frustratingly real. Imagine self-righteously demanding that we medically experiment on the young, in order to protect the old. That level of selfishness is nearly beyond belief.