Thou Shalt Trust the Narrative

It’s fascinating to see that the price of doubting the Narrative has been raised to nearly ONE BILLION DOLLARS!

Controversial radio host Alex Jones has been ordered by a Connecticut jury to pay $965 million in damages to the families of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims, for suggesting that the December 2012 massacre was staged.

The six-member Connecticut Superior Court jury announced its verdict on Wednesday after three days of deliberations. The payouts were ordered to the families of eight children who were killed in the shooting, as well as to an emergency worker who claimed he was defamed.

The largest damage award was to one of the parents, Robbie Parker, whom Jones was ordered to pay $60 million for defamation and $60 million for emotional distress.

Fascinating. And it appears Miles Mathis may be at risk of facing a similar trial, as he has suggested that the second Alex Jones trial was itself staged.

I have dismissed both trials as fake, and we were given perfect proof of that today, when Jones himself reported that the judge declared him guilty during courtroom proceedings—which is of course highly illegal. Here is what she said to his attorney, after interrupting him for the millionth time during questioning of a witness: “If it’s not clear – wouldn’t be the first time – and you’ll move for an articulation, and I’ll articulate when I’m directed to by the appellate court. I understand that there will be an appeal, I assume-” Bellis explained before Pattis chimed in.

Whoops. If this were a real trial, a mistrial would have to be called right there, since the judge has just exhibited extreme prejudice, prejudging the outcome before full testimony. If a real jury had been sitting there, they would have all gasped at once. Jones’ attorney Pattis should have demanded a mistrial immediately, but he didn’t. None of that happened, because—as I have been telling you—this is not a real trial. It is not a “kangaroo court” either, since a kangaroo court is a real trial that is rigged.

This isn’t a real trial, it is a fake CIA trial run in some studio.

Alex Jones’ Second Fake Trial, 17 September 2002

The lesson, it seems, is that one must never say what one believes anymore, lest one be accused of insufficient faith in the Narrative. Instead, one would be wise to content oneself with quoting the statements of others.