A Malevolent Presence

The British authorities are prosecuting a nurse for murdering infants:

A nurse accused of murdering seven premature babies – and trying to kill ten more – took up to three attempts to poison infants by injecting insulin, milk or even air into their tiny bodies, a court heard today. Lucy Letby, 32, is alleged to have gone on a year-long killing spree while working at the Countess of Chester Hospital – including one child who died less than 90 minutes after being handed into her care.

Today the specially trained ICU nurse was described as a ‘constant malevolent presence’ on the Cheshire children’s unit where she allegedly killed and injured many vulnerable children – including twins. She is accused of using night shifts to launch many attacks because she knew parents were off the neonatal ward.

Several babies were allegedly poisoned with insulin and one child – known as Baby E – was murdered when Letby allegedly injected him with air, Manchester Crown Court has heard. It caused what doctors call an air embolus, which leads to strokes or heart attacks. Letby is also accused of pumping dangerous levels of milk into the premature children via feeding tubes or veins.

Once justice is served, let’s hope they proceed with the Covid and vaccine nurses. This case proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that members of the medical community are entirely capable of intentional murder despite their training.

“But what doctor or nurse would ever be complicit in actually harming people?”

A year-long killing spree is a fairly reasonable description of the recent wave of mass vaccinations.