They Really Think You’re Stupid

After 24 hours of celebrating the US attack on the Crimean bridge, the shameless propagandists of the Occupied West are belatedly attempting to claim Russia bombed their own bridge:

A leading Ukrainian presidential aide claimed this morning the Kerch Strait crossing carnage may have been ordered by one of Vladimir Putin’s warring commanders. Mykhailo Podolyak alleged that Russia’s FSB secret service and the defence ministry are at loggerheads in a bitter dogfight over the botched war and are trying to undermine one another’s credibility. ‘Isn’t it obvious who made [the] explosion? Truck arrived from RF [Russian Federation],’ he said.

Meanwhile, a Western diplomatic source said the bridge attack could have been commissioned from inside the Russian establishment to fatally weaken Putin and trigger his toppling. ‘It might be the SBU [Ukrainian secret service] but it also could be the first major sign of a bid from within Russia to incapacitate the Kremlin tsar,’ the source said.

Sure. Just like the Russians shelled what is now their own nuclear plant, ineptly blew up three out of four of their own pipelines, and launched their own counteroffensive against themselves. Given the level of inversion and projection being demonstrated here, we can only assume the neocons are behind all of these attacks on Russia.

More importantly, the Russians know it. It will be interesting to see if their inevitable responses are limited to the territory of Ukraine or not.