Mailvox: Anomie in Asia

A reader writes in about the situation in Thailand:

The shooting yesterday took place a couple of provinces away from where I live. Recently, the vast majority of murders that you read about in the English papers here are committed by cops, ex-cops, and soldiers. This one was a recently fired cop on meth. The cops here are incredibly corrupt, which I suppose is par for the course in the Third World. They are the biggest drug dealers in the country, too. Meth here is so cheap that even the poorest of the poor can afford it. The cops and the military also have access to the best weapons, which makes them especially dangerous. Weapons–meaning guns–are not hard to acquire at all.

There’s also so much anger and a sense of hopelessness here that its almost palpable. The military clowns that run this place are destroying the country. They still run around with masks and are now starting to vaxx 6-month-olds, so they are screwing over multiple generations. People in the poor rural northeast part of the country have no jobs, no money, and no hope.

Of course, the Were-West is in no shape to help anywhere else, because mass immigration has imported all of the Third World structual problems with it. To the contrary, until globohomo collapses and is rooted out, we can expect the structural problems to get worse everywhere. That’s the price of abandoning Western tradition and what made those societies desirable in the first place in favor of dyscivic policies and people.