Boomers, Unvarnished

I posted this on Gab, with a link to the full four-panel comic, which inspired a few fascinating, and all-too-telling, responses from Boomers there. As one reader put it:

The reactions to this are simply amazing to behold… they won’t read the whole thing, and even if they do, they completely miss the point.

  • That’s what i learned from my depression era grandparents. i learned to do the yard work and other chores to earn my own way.
  • Yeah God forbid you teach a kid they have to work for what they want in life. That nothing comes free. This is why kids today are spoiled rotten cry babies that think they should get their way just because they want it without having to work for it. That Boomer didn’t have to give this kid shit and made him work anyway. Nothing wrong with teaching a kid the benefits of hard work period.
  • Ignore the weasels crying about “not being given anything”. The entire strip makes no sense. That grandpa would let his grandson do the work if the kid was interested. He obviously has someone doing the lawn because his family members are spoiled brats. Hell, I’ve got a 22 year old son who I can’t get to take out the garbage his entire life, let alone mow the lawn. He’s pretty worthless when it comes to being self motivated. And yes, I mowed some lawns in my day as a kid. I had a paper route for several years from age 10 -17 and paid for my first car with that money. I was given a lot because my parents thought it was the way to love me, but I also learned to earn. This thought process has gone the way of the dodo bird, and you can tell by the whiners lamenting boomers’ supposed easy life. Here’s a reality check for you; nobody owes you a damn thing.
  • Most if put in their position would do the same thing. Direct your contempt at the people who deserve it, not the generation that was the first victimized and exploited by cultural Marxism.
  • One of the whiniest generations bitching about one of the toughest generations. You are full of shit and a POS picking on older people while you yourself has contributed nothing to society.

It’s informative to be told repeatedly by Boomers that a) they did nothing wrong, b) if they did, it wasn’t their fault, and c) if you’d had the opportunity, you would have done the same thing.