They Didn’t Get the Saline

And Steve Kirsch has demonstrated that Israel’s corrupt government-media-medical-science complex actively worked to cover up the fact that it was aware the vaxxes were neither safe nor effective as early as March 2022:

  • The Israeli Ministry of Health didn’t seriously track any safety data for a year after vaccination (they did have some monitoring but it was a highly dysfunctional system that didn’t yield any useful conclusions)
  • When a group of scientists hired by the MoH found the vaccines were not nearly as safe as what they were telling people, they completely covered up the report. They didn’t release it or any of the findings.
  • Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis misrepresented to the FDA that they were on top of things. It was a mess in reality. Their main way of collecting data was through the Nakhliali system – doctors’ reports which was very cumbersome. There are affidavits from doctors saying it was very difficult to report through this system.
  • A video of the meeting between the scientists and the Israeli MoH was leaked to the press (Yaffa).
  • The mainstream press participated in the coverup by not reporting the existence of the leaked video. To date, the biggest press coverage was on GB News.
  • To date, nobody in Israel has called for an investigation
  • Most scientists outside of Israel are uninterested in seeing data that disproves the mainstream narrative, including those at the CDC, FDA, and the outside committees of those organizations.

In fact, Israel was the first to show the most serious all-cause mortality evidence, as early as March 2021:

By early March, Israel had vaccinated about 90% of its 65+ population and about 50% of its entire population. Covid deaths had been decreasing since the end of January, as expected, although not any faster than in some other countries with a very low vaccination rate, such as South Africa. Concerningly, however, Israel has seen a renewed and continued increase in all-cause mortality since mid-February; in fact, by March 21, Israel reported the highest excess mortality of all countries participating in Euromomo. In contrast, many other European countries currently report a post winter wave negative excess mortality. The cause behind this renewed increase in Israeli all-cause mortality appears to be unclear.

It should be clear at this point that Israeli is to Jew what American is to US citizen. It’s a subset, and a subset that doesn’t appear to have been spared by the satanic depopulationists; to the contrary, Israel appears to have been one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world.

This doesn’t mean they are our greatest ally, that they didn’t attack the USS Liberty, that Palestine never existed, that one should stand with Ted Cruz, or that it is right and proper for US Senators and Congressman to put Israeli interests before the interests of the American people. The facts are what they are. But these are interesting and informative points of information that tend to put some people’s assumptions about Israel into question.